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Friends, Updating here the recollected questions from Jan 2017 Exams. Wish you all the very best for your exam.


Bank credited 50000 in account of B wrongly after some time bank realise the mistake and approach B , B paid 50000 to bank and rest to be paid in mean time. After many days B does not pay money then bank files suit against B then bank will get interest on amount 4.5 from the B

- RTI applies in

- IT act

- Tenure of a director in bank

- qualification to be presiding officer

- in banking ombudsman settlement means

- in drt who can modify or review the decision

- while executing serfaesi bank come to know that there are 12.30 lakh short then in that case what a bank can do

- in serfaesi DM permission is requires or not tobe select correct one

- penalty for money laundring

- Authorised person in Foriegn exchange

- penalty for foriegn exchange

- in following in what case arbitrator comes

- relation in hiring of locker in bank and customer

- which among the following is not included in MOA

- AOA includes

- a changes to be made in AOA they have to made with ...... and have to be ..........with national company law ( general/special, registration required/not)

- who organise lok adalat

- a customer approches bank to close the joint account in case of death of a partner nomination is not made and legal heirs of the deceased partner are minor then in thay case what bank do

- sale notice should be given before ... days after possession

- in serfaesi review objection by borrower have to replied with in ... days

- what can not be considered in consumer service in respect of bank

- A gives chq to B and B endorse it to C then it is presented in clearing then in mean time you come to know about death of A then what to do

- A deposited a chq with his bank ie ABC , bank affix crossing stamp on the face of chq in mean time A comes and demanded his chq return and bank gives to A then A deposited with the other bank other bank also neglize the stamp and affix thier stmp also ont he chq then the chq is

- In case a chq is presented in clearing with forged signature of A and also a other chq with forged sign of endorser then in what case protection to bank is available

- 3-4 question on mortagage


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