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Find cost of good sale if opening is80000; purchase is 120000;direct expense 5500; indirect expense 4000 ;closing is9000

Bond par value is 100, market rate is 12% and 15% is .....find bond price

Ravi wants 500 at every quarter for 5 year , at the rate 10%.find initial deposite

When bond price is equal to Face value.

Interest paid in advance is a type of account

In which depreciation rate of interest is constant

Car purchase by a company is which type of expense

Auditor of a bank is appointed by

In cbs branch computer is connected to the server and all server are connected to main data centre server

In India 1$=66.56-66.74and 1 euro=1.1456-1.1765$ then relation betwn rupee and euro

Wages for installation of machine is debited wages acct is which type of error

Find closing balance if cost of goods sold ,puchase,indirect expense, opening balance is given - For 1year, For 3years

A company deposited 5000at the beginning of the year to puchase amachinary for 20year at the rate 10% find present value of annuity

Schedule AS6 define

Which are the peripheral related to computer

Which of the work out sourced by bank - Ans loan recovery

Which work is not done at back office


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