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Ytm calculation if a value of bond is 2500 and have market value 2250 having 12.5% find out ytm

Cost of a machine is 1200000 having 10000 scrap value if useful life is 10 years then depr after 3 year by sum of digit

Straight line method the charge of depreciation cost or total cost+salvage value or total cost-salvage value...

Question on CI -if a sum recieved as12800 rate of int 9.5% quartly then invested amount time is 3 years

Sweat equity ratio is ......

Acid test ratio also called ......

Interest elasticity is always ......

Npv calculation numerical

As 6 defines ......

As 2 defines ......

Best inventry methods are ......

Current ratio 2:1 quick ratio 1.5:1 current liability 160000/- inventory ?

Principal 10000/- rate 6%si total amt 11200/- time?

Emi fixed due to principal,fixed rate of int and total duration

Face value 5000/- coupon rate 10.75% semi annually discount rate 10% duration 4 years present value of bond?

Govt bond 1000/- coupon rate 10.5% interest received annually?

While closing the account the passbook can be returned to the customer

If BOE is issued in july and for period 3 months having grace period from 29 sept to 3 oct while 2 nd oct is holiday what is last date of that

Direct quating is ......

Numerical on change of foreign exc airthmatic ......

If a cash book shows balance of 20000 and. Bank pass shows 28000 a chq issued but not presented by part then balance sheet shows balance

Which have no effect on trial balance

2 Numericals on ratio analysis

Computer virus is ......

Computer have feature not in this ......

Back offices can be setup in ......

Margin in education loan ......

Mortarium period ......

Kyc for low risk ......

Uidai how many digits ......

Kyc for high risk ......

Back office function

Question on sinking fund

How many shares a company issue without voting rights

Npv has which one of this feature



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