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Computer security related

Advantage of computerisation

Balance sheet

One more on real account based

Loan processing - 2 questions

Bank has to prepare only balance sheet or balance sheet and p&l account?

Also as by banking regulation or by rbi

What is sinking fund?

Which is approved document by govt but not considered for kyc? Pan,nrega,aadhar,ration

Between diff cust on same bank / Between diff customer in diff bank / Between same cust if diff bank

Which not affect straight line mthd? depretiation, cost of machine, discount rate like that

Interest received on share (not remember correctly) is capital or revenue or deferred receipts?

Machinary for 5lakh the comp follow either straight line or written down at 10% after 2yrs6months sale it for some amt. Whether is it at profit or loss compared to the depriciated amount

Many questions on joint venture

Depreciation questions

Company has both options wdv and straight line. bt chooses straight line and sells machine bot at 100000 in rs 80000 in 3 yrs

Bond value question

KYC multiple questions

Small accounts pe 2 quest

Small acc me max limit and max per month withdrwl

Bank reconciliation twisted question

Spot rate of rs vs USD after 3 months

Facility to minors

Discount value of x% for y years



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