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97. Dual concept

98. Accrual concept

99. Formula of depreciation

100. Sinking value 2 ques's

101. NPV VALUE OF Firm Calculation 2 Questions

102. Debt equity ratios...

103. Depreciations on fixed value...2-3ques...

104. Depreciation on straight line (residual value) ques...

105. Company having 51% share of another company...

106. Maximum limit of transaction in small (ovd )accounts in a year....

107. Current a/c cant be opened by....options were ...pardanashin women....minor ....blind...a ccompany..

108. Sweat equity shares...

109. GAAR full form...

110. Money market mutual funds are regulated by...

111. If a person transfer a/c frm one branch to another branch den required kyc???

112. Companiesare classified on the basis of...options were etc...

113. Bond value.....

114. Insurance premium for 45 days???

115. Typs of clerical errors.....

116. Periferal devices of computer...options were...keyboard windows..

117. A Suspesious Transion report where the report ( FIU-Ind)

118. Objective PMLA

119. When a minor open self operated account

120. Deleting Drawing 2 Questions debit or credit account

121. What is bond maturity value (YTM)

122. What is coupon rate

123. Prepaid expenses or outstanding account adjustment done or not

124. Samll account time

125. Rectification of error 4-5 Questions

126. Depreciation 4-5 Questions (3 Numerical)

127. Final Account 5-6 Questions

128. Foreign exchange 3 Questions all numerical

129. YTM 3 Questions

130. Education loan - 2 Question

131. Gold loan-1 Question

132. Consolidate voucher

133. Bank General ledger

134. Ratio 3 Question

135. How to improve current ratio

136. Inventory turnover ratio


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