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1. 4 qtns from bank recontn statement

2. 3 qtns frm vouchers

3. 4 qtns frm depreciation

4. 4 qtns from bond

5. 3 qtns frm rectification of error

6. 2 qtns frm partnership not numerical

7. 4 qtns frm ratio

1. Question related to gold loan

2. housing loan as priority sector

3. Current ratios

4. Debt equity ratios

5. materiality concept

6. Cost concept

7. WDV depriciation

8. Sum of year digit depriciation

9. Trial balance related 3-4 question.

10. Annuity numerical-1

11. Bank reconciliation statement based -3 questions

12. accounting standard -13 based questions

13. Bonds theorem.

14 Ytm related theoretical questions

15. Foreign exchange- cross currencies numerical

16. Spot rate

18. Balance sheet based numerical to find gross profit, loss, cost of sales

19. Capital and revenue expenditure.

20. Bills of exchange based question related to due date, grace period

21. small account- credit in a year not exceeds 100000 lakh

22. Kyc for trust accounts and power of trustee

23. Petty cash book

24. Cash book related

25. Adjusting and closing entries related


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