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Friends, due to shortage of time, I am updating the re-collected questions from May 2016 posted by our group members. Let me update this page with the answer as and when I get time. Till then you all can go through the book/internet and update yourselves. Wish you all the very best for your exam.



Relational information systems

How bank use social media

Pos limit per day

Oldest net in india

Horizental merzer

Government shares in rbi

Priorty sector advances in micro enterprises

Simplex transmission

IT risk in company

Land mark in electronic fund transfer

Function of cibil

LAN connection

White Label ATM

Which is not a type of topology

Setoff of the customer who is having bad debt of some amt n having credit balance in his deposit account at different branch

but your bank is not yet CBS operated what step need to taken

RBI can stop a branch on voilation of ?

Kisan credit card are issued to farmers for

Payment bank and small bank


Open market operation

Basel 3 norms


Open ended scheme

Cash management service


Urban co operative bank controlled by

Liberalized remittance scheme

If a person submit a Chq and later gone abroad and after 4 years he come back and found the Chq bounce due to f/I. Who is liable

An account gets inoperative coz a bill was not cleared in time and minimum balance charges were taken. Was it right to charge minimum balance fine when acct is inoperative?

What is kite flying? - Kite flying means the practice of drawing cheques on deposits which are already committed, assuming that the delay in clearing the cheque will allow time to replenish the account. To be more specific, Facilities for purchase/discount of clean bills provide fertile ground for parties to defraud banks when they are in financial difficulties. They draw bills not backed by trade transactions which are eventually not honoured by the drawees. Very often, the drawees of such bills are allied/associate concerns of the drawers. At times, two or more parties avail of bank finance against such accommodation bills, drawn on each other. As long as all the bills continue to be honoured the banks are misled about the credit worthiness of the parties. Further, when one bill in a chain is dishonoured, the entire chain breaks down resulting in a loss to the bank/banks concerned. Some parties utilize the cheque purchase facility for raising finance in a similarly dubious manner by maintaining accounts with two or more banks for this purpose and taking advantage of the facility allowed by the banks of drawing against uncleared cheques. Such transactions are called kite flying in banking parlance.



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