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Friends, Updating here the recollected questions from Jan 2017 Exams. Wish you all the very best for your exam.


Under which section of income tax donations come? - 80G of the Income Tax Act

Min and max no of member in private companies - 2 & 200

No. of members in public limited co (Min & Max) - 7 & unlimited

Banking ombudsman applicable - in whole india

Indemnity which type of liability? - Contingent.

Who can rectify the clerical or arithmetical errors in order passed by DRT? - Presiding officer

Which income doesn't come under service tax? - Interest income

Within how many days can a consumer file complaint if he is not satisfied with the service? - 30 Days

Which is the negotiating bank in case of LC? - Exportrs country bank

Relationship between bank n customer in case of pledge - pawnor-pawnee'

Debt recovery tribunal established by - Government of India under an Act of Parliament (Act 51 of 1993)

How many types of LC ? - 8

Jurisdiction of appellate tribunal - The Central Government is also empowered to decide and specify the areas within which the tribunal may exercise jurisdiction for entertaining and deciding the applications filed before it.

DRT applicable - Above 10 Lakhs

DRT is controlled by - Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act (RDDBFI Act), 1993

RTI is not applicable to - J&K

UCPDC 600 is in respect of - Letters of credit

Pay as you earn is a...... tax - is a withholding tax on income payments to employees

20% profits should maintain with rbi - NBFC

NI act application - Whole India

Cersai time limit - within 30 days of creation of mortgage

Bills payable on demand are - paid when the payee asks for it.

Term of every member in national commission - 5 years or up to the age of seventy years, which ever is earlier

A securitization company carries out the function of - Acquisition of financial asset from the originator

Limitation period of for takng immovable property under sarfaesi? - 12 Years

Amount of TDS should be submitted before how many days? - 7th of the next month

Number of directors of private company? - 2 to 15 (Min & Max)

Casual vacancies of directors can be filled by? - the Board of Directors at a meeting of the Board

Collecting bank will get safety under NI act for what - Forged sign of endroser

Which is not consider as NI - Share

Tax dedcuted from salary has to be payed as on - Monthly basis

Limitation perod for foreclosure is - 30 Years

Llimitation perod for possession of immovable property is - 12 years

Banking regulation act 1949 - Regulates banking



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