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Recollected - Jul 2017

21.In market risk,risk measurement is done on the basis of sensitivity and ...................Ans- downside potential.

22.Apart from stress testing and scenario analysis which test is done? Ans. Back testing.

23.Some numerical problems on Altman's Z scores where values were provided and they asked to calculate X1,X2,X3,X4,X5?

24.Question related to objectives of loan review mechanism?

25.In total return swaps,premium is arrived by reference rate?

26.How many principles are there in Operation risk measurement. Ans.- 10

27. 91 days treasury bills are issued on?

28.some small numerical based on 91 days and 182 days treasury bills.

29.M3 is broad money or narrow money? question related to money multiplier.

31.Question based on components included to calculate NDTL for SLR.

32.Rist present in exchange traded derivatives. Market,counter party,credit?

33.Agreement issued by which agency is to be follow by banks in derivatives: FIMMDA,FEDAI,ISDA,RBI.

34.Numerical problems on asset asset,liabilty
call money-1500
cash credit-1200
cash in hand-some value
saving deposit-1500
term deposit-1500
current deposit-some value

que.1 calculate adjusted gape for repricing asset and liabilty?
que.2 if interest on all asset/liabilty fall by 1% then change in NII.
que.3 if interest on all asset liability rise by 1.5% then change in NII.
que4. if int on call money,cash credit,saving deposit and term deposit change by some value(values were given) then change in NII?

35.significance of asset liabilty management include:volatity,product innovation,regulatory environment.

36.BASEL-I ratio is also called: BIS,Thomson ratio,cook ratio? question related to who issues ICAAP in SRP? full form was there something like CRISL?

39.numerical on sub-standard loan provisioning. question related to change in shape of yield curve.

41.Among interest rate risk management techniques one is static simulation and other is...............simulation. Dynamic*

42.Third time bucket belongs to which period?

43. One question related to duration gap
DGAP=modified DA-W* modified DL
Modified duration of equity= DGAP*leverage



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