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Recollected Case Studies - Jul 2017

Case study on CRR calculation 5 marks

Case study on LR calculatuon 5 marks

Case study on START UP ECB 5 marks

Case study on LC 5 marks

Case study on ALM 5 marks

Case study on Altman Z Model 5 marks

Case study on Asset liability gap 5 marks

Case study on VAR

Case study on NPA provision where guarantee givan by CTGTMS etc

Case study on RWA

Case study on standardised approach of operation risk on basic indicator approach, standardised approach etc)

Case study on export bill cancellation and rebooking

Case study on Time bucket Gap

Case study on NDTL

Case study on Credit risk management

Case study on ECB start up as per new rules of RBI

Case study on Repricing assets & liabilities

Case study on credit spread (e.g Total assests-total liabilities)

Case study on Change in capital increase or decrease in Sb, FD, call money and Cc

Case study on LC- concept based question

Case studies question based on operational risk

Case study on ECB

Case study on calculation of Credit risk

Case study for calculation of W, DGAP, Leverage ratios etc

Case study on foreign exchange calculation like Somebody purchase a contract 2 months back now he wants to cancel the cantract and again book it for 1 month forward




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